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During an EcoManity Energy Audit, we analyze your current energy usage to identify efficiency upgrades with the best payback for your business.


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Your Savings is our Success!

Facility LED LightingBecause we do so many LED projects, EcoManity has developed an entire website for our customers. Please check out for more info.


EcoManity is a Midwest consulting firm specializing in energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy solutions for business, municipal and residential clients. Our specialty is turn-key energy efficiency projects. We handle the research, reporting, grant writing, permitting, zoning, and contracting so that you can focus what you do best. We leverage an outstanding team of experts to save you money by helping to offset the rising cost of energy.


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Painless Energy Savings

Many businesses and organizations have opportunities to save money on energy costs but lack the time and expertise to identify and implement the right upgrades. EcoManity provides expert analysis and customized energy solutions with projects managed from start to finish:

Reducing Energy Costs for Improved Profitability

Through a comprehensive Energy Audit, your EcoManity Energy Consultant will identify practical options to improve energy efficiency and offset the rising cost of energy. Our areas of expertise include:

EcoManity = Sustainability

Our company name is the fusion of the words ECOlogy and huMANITY demonstrating our passion for helping people live well in harmony with our ecological surroundings. We help you become more environmentally and financially sustainable because every project that we do saves you money, and reduces your dependence for fossil fuels.


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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions for Wisconsin Businesses and Homes