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Renewable Energy


EcoManity can help you integrate renewable energy into your home or business, providing building and site-specific expertise and turn-key project management.


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Your EcoManity Energy Consultant will conduct a thorough HVAC audit and provide a cost analysis outlining your energy efficient HVAC upgrade options and expected energy savings. We offer heating, ventilation, heat recovery and air conditioning options available for all types of buildings and businesses, including renewable geothermal. Your EcoManity Energy Consultant will also evaluate ways to recover wasted heat, implement heating and cooling controls, and implement other energy and cost saving improvements.

Reduce Costs with an Energy Efficient HVAC system

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) typically comprises almost 40% of the energy usage in a commercial building. Many Wisconsin businesses are using more energy than necessary to control the climate in their facilities. Upgrading to new, high efficiency HVAC equipment can significantly lower energy costs. Additional benefits may include reduced equipment maintenance costs, improved air quality and general building comfort, and increased employee productivity.

Waste Heat Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat generated by operating equipment is often wasted or removed at high cost. Waste Heat Recovery (or Process Heat Recovery) is a method to capture heat generated as an operational byproduct and re-distribute the heat in an area where it is needed. This waste heat recovery method can lead to significant energy savings resulting in reduced need for make up air, lower air conditioning costs and improved employee comfort.

Heat Recovery Project

Heat Recovery Ventilation recovers the heat from previously treated air to pre-heat the incoming fresh air, providing significant energy savings. There are standard and custom incentives available for heat recovery projects. View Heat Recovery Project case study.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

A geothermal heat pump uses the Earth’s relatively constant temperature to circulate a liquid in a horizontal or vertical loop in the ground in order to collect the Earth’s heat from the ground and distribute it where it’s needed. A geothermal system also works in reverse, removing heat from the building and distributing it into the ground. The EPA considers a geothermal heat pump to be one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available, with 30%-60% lower energy costs compared to a traditional heating and cooling system utilizing a natural gas or oil furnace and electric air conditioning unit. Geothermal is can also provide hot water, further reducing your energy costs.


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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions for Wisconsin Businesses and Homes