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During an EcoManity Energy Audit, we analyze your current energy usage to identify efficiency upgrades with the best payback for your business.


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Industrial Batteries

Did you know that batteries designed to last 10-12 years, typically lose 50-60% of their performance in half that time. Forklift battery electrolyte can crystallize and contaminate the battery plates in a process known as sulfation. This buildup causes the battery to become weaker. In this weaken state, contaminated plates are no longer able to accept a full charge. Battery performance steadily declines. The end result are battery plates that have become permanently damaged and need to be replaced at $4,000 - $6,000+ per battery.

Boost Performance and Extend Battery Life

Using our specialized charging equipment and patented reconditioning process, sulfation is removed, restoring performance and extending battery life by up to double what is typical without conditioning. Batteries conditioned with our process perform better, increase production, reduce maintenence costs, and use less electricity to run. Learn more.

Battery Assessment

Complete on-site battery assesses current battery condition and performance to identify units needing repair or reconditioning. Battery chargers are also inspected.

Battery Repair

Damaged battery cells are replaced within a few days and repairs are typically performed on-site.

Battery Reconditioning

A patented conditioning solution and specialized charging equipment removes sulfation to restore battery performance with minimal down time.

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