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Energy Audits

During an EcoManity Energy Audit, we analyze your current energy usage to identify efficiency upgrades with the best payback for your business.


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Facility LED LightingBecause we do so many LED projects, EcoManity has developed an entire website for our customers. Please check out for more info.


Your EcoManity Energy Consultant will conduct a thorough lighting survey for your facility, and then detail for you projected cost savings and environmental impact of available upgrades. We offer energy efficient lighting solutions to fit commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and non-profit lighting needs.

Reduce Costs with Energy Efficient Lighting

Did you know that nearly $71 billion is spent annually on electrical lighting in the United States? That is about 22% of the annual USA electrical bill. We work with businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations across the Midwest to 1) reduce electricity usage, 2) save tens of thousands of dollars annually, 3) reduce carbon footprint, 4) reduce maintenance costs and 6) improve quality lighting. We can do the same for your organization.

Case Studies

Exterior Lighting Replacement (PDF, 797 KB)

Warehouse, Production and Loading Dock Lighting (PDF, 615 KB)

LED Retrofit Lamps for Resort (PDF, 617 KB)

LED Parking Lot Exterior Lighting (PDF, 695 KB)

Project Management and Incentive Funding

With deep expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, your EcoManity Energy Consultant saves you time and money by managing your entire lighting project from audit to installation. We work closely with local utilities, state and federal agencies, and leverage our extensive network of expert installers and suppliers to maximize your return on investment (ROI). EcoManity provides:




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