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Renewable energy offers reliable, sustainable alternatives to offset the rising costs of energy from fossil fuels and their impact on our environment.


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Solar Power

How can you save money on energy? The answer rises every morning. The sun provides an unlimited amount of energy which can be harnessed for electricity or heat - even in Wisconsin!

Solar Electric PV (Photo Voltaic) System

Solar electric systems capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. Solar panels can be installed on a roof, the ground, or a pole. Solar electric systems are installed where maximum sunlight can be collected throughout the day. This type of system is best used to create and/or offset current and future electrical needs.

Solar Hot Water (SHW) System

Solar hot water (also called solar thermal) systems capture sunlight and use it to heat water held in the storage tanks. Solar hot water systems can also be used for radiant space heating.

Solar: Custom Design and Build

Every solar installation is unique. Differences in design, layout, location and equipment can result in significant changes in energy output and payback. Your EcoManity Certified Site Assessor will conduct a thorough site assessment including a building and load analysis to determine the optimal solar system design, size, layout and system performance to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). We work closely with your management team to evaluate incentives, grants, tax credits and out of pocket costs. In many cases, we can offer financing options as well, creating positive cash flow within the first month.

Case Study

Mechanical Research Solar Electric (PV) System (PDF, 633 KB)


Are you already working with an architect or contractor? EcoManity can provide building and site specific expertise to integrate renewable energy into your project.


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