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Smart Box


This is a patented electrical device specifically used for correcting power factor. Electrical rates are constantly rising. EcoManity guarantees a 10% improvement in power factor on your electrical bill or your money back! Many of our customers experience 20-40% savings by utilizing our Smart Box technology.


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EcoManity specializes in turn-key energy projects, including efficiency upgrades and renewable energy solutions for your business. We manage all aspects of project planning, installation and verification of energy savings, leveraging an outstanding team of experts to save you money by helping to offset the rising cost of energy.

EcoManity Energy Audits

A comprehensive Energy Audit is the first step for most of our clients. Each business uses power differently so it is important to analyze the energy use patterns at your facility. Upon completion, your EcoManity Energy Consultant will research some options and present you with the audit findings and cost analysis.

Audit Findings Typically Include

Project Management and Incentive Funding

Being the experts in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, your EcoManity Energy Consultant saves you time and money by managing your entire energy project, providing:


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Renewable Energy Site Assessments

A Renewable Energy Site Assessment is an overall evaluation and provides a detailed report of the buildings and land on your site. The report outlines a specific renewable energy options for your site, including estimated costs for each project and implementation. The report may also provide recommendations for additional energy efficiency upgrades. Your certified EcoManity Site Assessor will determine if your site is a good candidate for solar electric (PV), solar hot water, geothermal or a wind generator.




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